Human Arm And Leg Discovered In Belly Of Man-Eating Crocodile

Human Arm And Leg Discovered In Belly Of Man-Eating Crocodile

Of all the animals you’d least want to mess with, a crocodile is definitely up there. Especially when they’re as murderous as this one apparently was in Borneo.
Indonesian police have examined the body of a massive crocodile suspected of mauling a man to death and say that a human arm and leg were found inside its belly.
Authorities shot and killed the 20-foot croc after finding it close to a riverbank where local man Andi Aso Erang went missing two days earlier, the Daily Mail has reported.
The body of the palm oil plantation worker – minus two limbs – was eventually found floating further down the river in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of the Asian island.
Credit: AFP/Getty Images
“Inside the crocodile’s stomach, we found the left arm and a leg that we believe belonged to the victim,” local police chief Teddy Ristiawan said.
Police suspected the croc was the culprit after only Aso Erang’s motorbike and his sandals were found at the riverbank. The man’s wife said he had only gone to the river in the first place to find clams they could eat.
“I never expected he would end up in a terrible situation like this,” his wife Anisa said.
Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Human clashes with crocodiles are becoming increasingly common in Indonesia – in areas where rainforests are being cleared for palm oil plantations, the destruction of the animals’ habitat is bringing the two species closer together – with dangerous results.
In 2016, a Russian tourist was maimed by a crocodile in the Raja Ampat islands, a site which is popular among divers.
Last summer a 41-year-old man was killed in the waters of Berau, Indonesia while he was bathing in a river.
Remarkably, the crocodile that killed him returned to shore with his body in its jaws, sparking theories that it had been protecting the body from other predators, who may have chosen to eat it.

It isn’t just humans that can suffer the wrath of crocodiles either. Last year, a photographer captured gruesome snaps of a crocodile devouring a zebra whole in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.
Subramanian Sridharan, the man who took the photos, said that he just had to accept nature taking its course. Yeah, on this evidence there’s no way you’d go near a crocodile any time soon. Unless you want to end up in bits and floating down a river, that is.

Featured Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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