Jake Paul Beat Deji In The YouTube Boxing Match

Jake Paul Beat Deji In The YouTube Boxing Match

It’s been dubbed the ‘biggest YouTube fight in history’ – not between Deji and Jake Paul but between their brothers, KSI and Logan Paul, the pair have just been recruited to have a battle before the main event.
And now, Jake Paul has beat Deji during the fifth round of the fight after Deji’s corner threw in the towel and the match was stopped.
Afterwards, Jake Paul then decided he wanted to keep on fighting and called out… Chris Brown.
Credit: YouTube/PA
And Deji apologised to his fans and said he wanted another fight.

Jake Paul entered Manchester Arena with his song Champion playing, he was also wearing a ‘Fuck Jake Paul’ chain – whatever floats your boat.

And Deji’s ring-walk was pretty intense with fans chanting his name around the stands.
The Independent reported that there was a ‘massive first round’ with Jake Paul landing a big left hook early on and Deji looking lost on his feet, but responding midway through the round with an exchange of his own.
Deji then spent the entire third round chasing his opponent but Paul kept his jab going and moved throughout – despite his blooded nose.
According to The Sun, Deji landed some snappy uppercuts in the fourth, but was warned for holding Paul’s head down by the referee
Well done to Jake Paul and, we wonder what this means for the main event.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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